Coyote Ugly: good decision, wrong reasons



The Police Department has changed its mind about Coyote Ugly coming to the Uptown area, and now plans to cancel its support for a liquor license for the planned bar at Fifth and Church Streets. It's another of life's little ironies that a good decision was made for dubious reasons. Who really needs a cheeseball chain theme bar, especially one that would provide an essentially phony experience for goobers attracted by whatever leftover movie glitz fumes still exude from the bar's name? But misgivings about a chain-bar's tackiness — in an Uptown area that has been revived largely by the efforts of local businesses, no less - is basically an esthetic concern. The police don't deal in esthetics. Their decision to deny a liquor license recommendation to CU came after the Police Department was tsunami'd by complaints from members of future bar neighbors at First Presbyterian ("God's Frozen People") Church, and Fourth Ward residents who don't want to have to worry, or even think, about drunks outside their toney homes. Hmm, you'd think the church would see an opportunity to save some sinners, but then again, it might mean having to stay up late. In any case, it looks like a cheesy national chain will have to find another Charlotte location or, better still, just give up and go away. The decision will be discussed at a City Council meeting Tuesday, which should add another facet of comedic dysfunction to the issue.

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