My summer of food



The challenge was laid down last weekend. I was out to dinner on a Saturday night with friends, and I was enjoying the best meal that I have had in months, at a place called Latorres Uptown. Now I had little to no clue this place existed and I started to wonder how many great places are there in the Q.C. that I had never heard about?

I have to admit I have recently become somewhat of a novice foodie. As I get further into my twenties, I am beginning to notice a shift on my palate, foods that I thought I hated, I don’t hate, and foods that I have always loved are beginning to take on new depth as I begin to discover different layers of flavor.

I remember when I was 10 I told my mom I will never order the mixed vegetables, I am gonna order French fries with my meal until I’m 30! Fast forward 13 years later, I still like French fries, but nothing beats asparagus or garlic herb green beans or a nice risotto.

As I ate my way through heaven last Saturday night one of my girlfriends suggested that this summer, instead of drinking our summer away (which is what we have done for the last 5 years) we eat our way through the Q.C. Finding great spots that we didn’t know about before. Maybe taking some wine classes and cooking classes. Seeing as most of us are total dunces in the kitchen, we figured this might not be such a bad idea. So we started to plan where we would go and how we would do this.

The next day with the help to the food section of Creative Loafing (nice plug huh?) we had the beginnings of a plan; we were actually going to use the summer to improve our culinary knowledge and ourselves. We even have dates to go to the gym so that we won’t gain too much weight. Now don’t get me wrong: Some Saturday nights after a good dinner will be spent going out, getting a little wild, and probably going home with somebody we shouldn’t (old habits are just too hard to break).

But what I need from you, dear reader, are some recommendations for great places here in Charlotte to go. We want every kind of place you can think of. As long as the food is good I wanna hear about it. So feel free to post some good spots!

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