News Roundup, 5/14/08



Community colleges ban illegal immigrants: The North Carolina community college system announced they would no longer enroll undocumented students on May 13. President of University of North Carolina system, Erskine Bowles, questioned the decision. As long as the undocumented student graduated from a U.S. high school they could attend N.C. college. They had to pay out of state tuition and received no government assistances.

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Analysis: Clinton crushes Obama across the board: Sen. Barack Obama's unpopularity with blue collar and working white class voters proved true again during the West Virginia primary. Clinton won by a landslide. She carried the majority of voters in every group, proving the Clinton campaign still has a strong pulse.

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Help arrives by air, foot for China quake victims: The official death toll from the May 13 earthquake in China is now 15,000, and the buried is an estimated 40,000. Military helicopters dropped food and medicine to survivors in remote mountain villages whose roads were destroyed by landslide during the earthquake.

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