McCrory needs Perdue to stay positive



Pat McCrory better hope that Lt. Gov. Beverly Perdue sticks to her "no negative campaigning" pledge. Otherwise, he could be in big trouble. The Charlotte mayor and new GOP gubernatorial candidate may be in trouble anyway, considering most political experts' expectations of across the board Democratic strength nationwide, but if Perdue starts poking holes in McCrory's PR image as an effective, "new style" leader -- and if she has the money to make it stick in voters' minds -- Pat could come home to Charlotte City Council meetings with his ass in a sling.

I can just see some of Perdue's TV ads now: Scenes of Charlotte's lovely summer air quality, New Year's Eve near-riots downtown, traffic jams, run-down neighborhoods, crack houses, murder rates, or McCrory showing his usual ill temper and snottiness during Council meetings -- followed by a simple message such as "Is this what you want for North Carolina?" or "Is this the 'new style' of leadership Pat McCrory is talking about? No thanks." It should be an interesting fall campaign.

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