News Round Up 4/25/08



Obama outraises Clinton 3 to 1 in N.C.: Sen. Barack Obama's connection to John Edwards has boosted his advantage money-wise over Sen. Hillary Clinton. For every one donor to Clinton's campaign there were three for Obama. Obama most certainly has a cash advantage in North Carolina, but he also did in Pennsylvania. Who will have the advantage to win the N.C. Primary May 6?

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Man guilty in plot to kill ex-wife: One of the golden rules in kindergarten was to learn how to share, but David Wills former Cornelius Postmaster was convicted April 24 for plotting to hire a hit man to kill his ex-wife because he did want to share his pension with her when he retired. Wills now faces up to 30 years in prison.

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Interpol: 'Real possibility' of attack at Olympics: There is a "real possibility" terrorists or anti-China groups will attack during the Beijing Olympics, said the head of Interpol. The Communist rulers of China value stability above everything and are now extremely strict on people who could potential upset the games.

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