Denzel Washington, the sexiest man alive.



For those of you who don't know, I love Denzel Washington.

What's not to love about this talented and sexy guy?

Here's what had to say about him:

Why Is He Famous?Other than being one of the best actors on the face of the earth, Denzel has stayed remarkably humble. He's portrayed great men such as Malcom X and Hurricane Carter to name a few and has done the roles justice where most would surely have failed! Denzel isn't afraid to get his hands dirty by accepting smaller roles that help him hone his skills. Oh, lest we forget, he's one slick dude.

Denzel was robbed when he didn't win the best actor Oscar for Malcolm X. I'm still mad about that.

But my favorite Denzel movie is Mo Better Blues. You have jazz, you have Denzel and you have Denzel's lips. Who could ask for more?

Denzel Picture of the Hour

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