Who opposed the anti-bullying policy



The Charlotte-Mecklenburg school board passed the anti-bullying policy last night with the mention of sexual identity intact. The Charlotte Observer had an interesting account of the discussion that preceded the vote. Here's a little info on two folks who spoke against addressing gender identity/expression in the policy.

But the policy's specific protection of sexual orientation and "gender identity/expression" drew opposition from critics like Ante Pavkovic, who quoted the Bible and questioned what teachers will tell children about gender identity.

"If a boy walks around saying he's a girl, is he going to be allowed to go into the girls bathroom?" he asked during a public hearing before the vote. "We can't countenance this. This is foolishness."

Last July Ante Pavkovic was arrested for disrupting Congress. He was shouting during a prayer led by a Hindu priest.

David Benham told the board that Christian values require him to take a stand against bullying. "I'm for the anti-bullying policy," he said. "I'm just not for the agenda that seeks to institutionalize itself through this policy."

Benham is the son of Flip Benham, the head of Operation Save America. Pavkovic is also involved with OSA, a group best known for protesting outside abortion clinics and schools.

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