It's not TV, it's a Direct rip-off



I'm sitting here on the the phone with the satellite company, Directv. I've been on the line for 13 minutes on this call.


Well, these bastards charged me nearly $300 for months that I didn't have the service. And some slimy customer service representative added high dollar items, like NFL Sunday Ticket, to my account.

Anyone who knows me, knows that I love football, however, why would I add Sunday ticket right before the playoffs started? All of the games are televised on broadcast TV during the playoffs. But I digress.

So, I've been trying to let Directv do the right thing. I was told when I called in January that I would get my money back in two weeks.

That didn't happen.

I called back in February and these motherfuckers said "you'll have your money on March 4th."

March 4th came and went and no money.

As much as I hate Time Warner, I think I hate Directv even more. I signed up for the service because I wanted the NFL Network and boy did I love it. But this extra stuff that I'm going through now to get my money back makes me realize that I'm better off with an antenna on my roof and the internet.

Directv is cheaper than cable and you get more variety, but even with all of those channels, there was still nothing on TV. Thank God for DVDs.

When I moved and I realized that I was going to have to go back to Time Warner, I wanted to puke. Digital cable has nothing on Directv. But don't move to a spot where you don't have a clear line of sight and try to get things squared away.

Directv, despite the lies they tell you, will charge you an early termination fee.

I understand having this fee and charging it to people who just leave without fulfilling the contract. That's the rule, but when I call the mover's line and set everything up properly, how the fuck are you going to charge me? Shit, if you wanted me to have the service that badly, you would make sure I had a clear line of sight. Assholes.

Digital Cable sucks because for what I'd be paying Time Warner for their service, I could get Directv's premium service.

Both companies have the worst customer service in the free world. (Gotdamned outsoursing)

So, the moral of the story is this, stop watching so much damned TV and read a book.

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