News Roundup, 2/19/08



Castro resigns as president, state-run paper reports:

Fidel Castro at age 81 resigned as president of Cuba today. Castro ended his 50 year command over Cuba without warning. His letter of resignation was published in the state-run newspaper “Granma.” He says he will elect a new president in a few days. Two years ago Castro experienced intestinal problems and he now says, “I wish only to fight as a soldier of ideas … Perhaps my voice will be heard.”

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'Help me. Help me.': Joshua Jackson, Ranson Middle School sixth grader, was shot and killed after a birthday party in the parking lot of the Rameses Temple No. 51 in northwest Charlotte. After shots rang out Jackson ran like everyone else, but he was hit. He lay in the arms of his friends after being wounded. He said “Help me. Help me.” His step-sister remembers him saying he did not want to die.

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CMS overhauls tracking of trouble: Charlotte Mecklenburg Schools have devised a new system of tracking student behavior. Principals are now responsible for filing monthly suspension reports. The data will be reviewed to catch the problem students. The new District Regional offices will meet weekly to find repeat behavior problem offenders so the trouble-makers are disciplined every time without fail.

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— Kia Moore

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