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Turnin' up ... on a Tuesday

A perfect summer night in the Q.C.



On Tuesday, one of my best friends, whom I've known for over a decade, asked me to support her at an event. Naturally, I said yes. Since the event didn't start until 9 p.m., I decided I should find something to do to pass the time after work.

I know what you're thinking, "Aerin, you know you didn't need an excuse to enjoy happy hour!" Or perhaps you're thinking, "Oh no, Aerin, you're never going to make it to that event, are you?" Sighs.

Instead of hitting up my usual spot, The Corner Pub, the girls and I opted for something different — Seoul Food Meat Company.

Located in South End, Seoul Food is a southern BBQ restaurant with a Korean twist. Last year, I visited with a couple friends there and we munched happily on ramen mac and cheese, wings and pulled pork.

I parked along the street and walked up to some different scenery that I remember. A must for the summer, Seoul has outdoor seating, a large back patio, games, a dog area and bar. The perfect setup for a grand ol' time.

I sat down at the bar and perused the drink menu. I wasn't much in the mood for craft beer but I settled for one with a watermelon twist. *Cues Beyonce's "Drunk in Love," "I been drankin' watermelon."

We chatted for a couple hours and drank a couple beers as the night slipped away. It was almost time for me to meet my friend, but before I left I watched the dogs bouncing around in the dog park and got deja vu for last week's column. Yeah, it won't be too long before I'm back on that patio.

As I hopped in my car and entered Fire House Bar & Lounge in my GPS, I realized it was literally right around the corner. I didn't want to deal with finding a parking spot, so I put my car back in park and walked toward West Carson Boulevard.

I'd passed the venue a few times but never had taken the time to stop in. My bestie finally arrived and we walked in together.

There were a few people lounging in leather couches, smoking hookah while other folks performed spoken word and music. In the back, after passing the bar and bathroom, another room with leather couches and an opening to the outside and gravel parking lot popped up.

We went to the bar where there were stools and swings hanging from the ceiling. I instantly knew then I'd be swinging in one of those before the night was over. I grabbed my first RBV and we walked back outside to sit and chat.

Once the event was over and everyone cleared out, we convinced the DJ to play some "twerk music." Now if you want to see a show, catch me and my bestie cutting up on the dance floor! Next thing you know, we were literally sweating from dancing so much. Just when I was thinking of hitting the road, someone pointed out one of the owners.

A previous owner of [email protected], Rodney Redmond is no amateur when it comes to the hookah game. We chatted outside on the patio for a little bit about the spot.

Rodney let me tease him about the $9 RBV I'd purchased, and he explained how he and his partner wanted to create a more upscale experience. And that it was. The vibe was intimate until me and the bestie started twerking all over the place. Note to self: don't act your age.

I knew I'd have to suck it up to pay for another RBV in the near future, but then I looked at the food truck menu. Um, fried lobster tail for $15?! Sign. Me. Up. Other menu items included a shrimp basket, wings, fries and catfish. Tell me where you can get food like that late night while getting your dance on?

My friend laughed when I pointed out the lobster tail on the menu, she knows I have a weak spot for food, but lobster takes the cake.

Even though I was super tired and working on a hangover, I'm pretty sure we ended up shutting the place down. Sorry if I talked your head off Rodney, you took it like a champ!

After getting back to my house you'd think we would've gone straight to sleep. Nope. The fried lobster tail had gotten me worked up. The next thing you know I was heating up pulled pork and making sandwiches.

And that's how you end a Tuesday turn up!

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