Ain't Neva Sprung

Kicking off spring with a bang



Sunday morning I was packing a bag to stay at the boyfriend's for the week. You gotta love the commuter/honeymoon phase. If only he understood what it meant to bring a "U-Haul to the second date." Nevertheless, packing for multiple days almost always means I have to check the weather, especially with the way things have been in the QC lately — we did just have snow you know? I pull out my phone, reluctant to see how cold it was going to be all week and to my surprise, my weather app indicated warm weather and sunshine. Thank goodness.

Just a couple weeks ago the boyfriend and I were heading to the mountains to go skiing. I wasn't going to let a silly stereotype regarding black people and extreme sports slow me down.

We'd had an extremely stressful week and we were excited about just having a little bit of fun. Looking back, I thought about a status I came across after that adventure that said, "You want to make God laugh? Show Him your plans." Well He/She was definitely laughing as our plans kept falling apart. We made it, but by the time we arrived after what felt like "A Series of Unfortunate Events," I was ready to "trump" any card with my "black card" and avoid all cold, snow and physical activity like the plague.

Needless to say, after we returned to the Queen City, my patience was wearing thin as I anticipated warmer weather.

"I'm sorry for what I said when it was winter." I actually laughed out loud when I saw that meme scroll across my timeline on Facebook Monday morning. Then, a sponsored banner ad complete with fluttering birds or butterflies popped up letting me know it was the first day of spring — along with every other human on my timeline posting pics of tulips and flowers we'd all thought would die during the "snow." That's when I realized that Seasonal Affective Disorder, aka Winter Depression, was a reality that we were all actively trying to escape.

If you've lived in Charlotte long enough to experience the full range of seasons, you are very well aware of how much the city and nightlife scene changes with the seasons. Patios, beers, festivals, break-ups, pools, sunshine, guns and buns. Everyone has smiles on lips and hands on hips. The ladies don't have to worry about tip-toeing around in heels in the freezing cold and can finally shed the layers to let loose. Not to mention that my birthday's in April, which solidifies spring as the best time of the year.

All this to say, spring has officially sprung in the Q.C. and I'm all for it. My CL cohorts may have released their official Spring Guide last week, but I decided I'd have a go.

Besides craft beer, sour ales and hip-hop, here's my personal top three list of what's on tap for spring in Charlotte:

3rd Annual Moo and Brew: If you've kept up with me since the early days, you'll remember I wrote an article on how to prepare for festival season by attending my first one in Charlotte with my editor at the time. If you love burgers and beer, this event is for you. Accompanied by live music and local goods, there's something for everyone to enjoy. Get your tickets before it's too late, Moo and Brew is scheduled for Saturday, April 22nd rain or shine.

Hippie Fest: Throw it back to one of my fave decades — I'll leave the why up to your imagination *wink wink* — for Hippie Fest 2017. Groovy vibes, food trucks, local vendors, tie dye and maybe even some illegal activities, Hippie Fest is sure to be a hilarious event. Perfect for the new age free spirit, stretch your festival legs on April 22nd. Keep in mind, this is the same day as Moo and Brew. You can totally do both!

The Queen's Cup Steeplechase: Hat contest! Dress in your Sunday's best and tailgate with your friends for the Queen's Cup. You've seen horse races on TV and watched gamblers lose a bunch of money, but have you experienced the excitement for yourself? Bet on a race or just party at the tailgate like most will end up doing. You won't want to miss schmoozing at one of the most anticipated social events of the season. Grab your tickets before the event on April 29th!

These events are just a snapshot of what's to come in the Q.C. this spring. Keep up with my whereabouts by following me on social media or by checking out my column. What are your plans for #QCspring2017? Share it with me and we can party together at!

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