Checking in at The Scorpio


If you didn’t get the memo, or maybe just didn’t head uptown this weekend, you missed out on an amazing LGBTQ (lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and queer) Pride Festival and parade.

All things rainbow, skin and a little S&M, Pride happens twice a year in Charlotte — Black Gay Pride in July and then Pride in August — don’t ask that’s just how it is. It often looks like a unicorn threw up, and I love it! Resting bitch face is few and far between as thousands fill the streets of the Queen City (yasss, queen).

Inclusivity and the celebration of all is always the focus of Pride, in Charlotte and it’s safe to say at any festival you’ll go to. What I love most is that anything goes! Glitter, cheetah print and leather, you name it, it’s like the Spice Girls have officially reunited for a tour.

This year, of course, was extra special with #lovewinning as the legalization of gay marriage nationwide occurred back on June 27. As a result, I was especially excited to join in on the festivities this year.

I have been to many festivals, so I decided to enjoy the lake life on Saturday while anticipating returning to one of my favorite clubs, The Scorpio.

Few people in the area haven’t heard about this particular venue. It opened in 1968, has held a long relationship with the LGBTQ community and is a safe space for any and everyone to just be themselves.

After spending most of the day trying to convince a few of my straight male friends to go with me, at no avail, my cousin and I prepped for a girls’ night out.

Side note: some people are so scared to go to a gay club.

Let me help you out, they don’t want you! The celebration of oneself has nothing to do with anyone watching, believe it or not. Think outside of the box and try something new. I’m not saying you need to leave converted, but the world could use a little more understanding of the humans around us.

So, for those of you that are square, here is what to expect if you ever go to The Scorpio:

1. Cash only: They got me this weekend! And not once, but twice. I forgot they only accept cash and you know that any establishment with an ATM is only going to have an off-brand no-name machine that charges some ridiculous convenience fee. And keep in mind, pride weekend brings in a huge crowd so not only do you want to make sure you get there early, you will want to bring extra cash for the entry fee.

2. Cheap and stiff... drinks! Get your head out of the gutter. The drinks, while not necessarily top shelf, can be made with a stiff arm. The last RBV I snagged was so strong I had to ask for help chugging so I could get just a splash more of Red Bull. Not to mention, The Scorpio is a multi-level club complete with four bars, one of which is on the large outside patio.

3. Open late. Carpe noctem (seize the night) is an anthem that probably takes the form of Beyonce at Scorpio, the club stays open to the wee hours of the morning, sometimes as late as 4 a.m. And located off Freedom Drive in the Q.C., it’s conveniently only a hop, skip and a jump from Cookout, so a tray is only a few bucks away.

4. Lots of twerking. Super noteworthy is the amount of twerking you will witness. I swear EVERYONE is constantly dancing. So, for you Miley Cyrus’ of the Q.C., you can feel completely comfortable doing your thang. And no one will make a meme of you if you look stupid.

5. A stellar drag show. And of course I saved the best for last, the drag shows at The Scorpio feature some of the best performers in the area. And we are talking about professionals. These performers make Beyonce look like an amateur. Snag a prime standing space right on the dance floor or view the show from above on the second floor. The lights go down and the strobes turn on and you will find yourself singing your heart out right along with them.

Whether you wait for Pride or decide to venture out on a regular weekend, the LGBT community has quite a bit of nightlife to offer in the QUEEN City.

Check out some other favorites while you’re at it: Cathode Azure Bar, The Bar at 316, L4Lounge and more.

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