Crazy from the heat


With summer temperatures staying firm at 90-plus in the Queen City, it is freaking hot. Not to mention the humidity will make any straight hair curl real quick. All winter we wait for the warm spring air and, for the past couple of years, it’s gone from freezing to scorching in a matter of weeks. You know it’s too hot when you don’t even feel like going to the pool because you know the walk alone will take everything out of you. So, I asked around and here’s some local faves that Charlotteans take advantage of when you can fry an egg on the sidewalk.

The Lake: Anyone who read my article on my adventure to Lake Norman for a brewery tour, knows I think the lake is a death trap. But I understand that if it’s super-hot that staying in the water is the lesser of two evils for some. Add the breeze and a few brews and you have a great day ahead of you. Whether you’re going to Lake Wylie or Lake Norman, both are a blast (even for those of us that prefer to stay on the boat and not get in the water). Don’t know someone with a boat? Rent one. Or book a booze cruise and see what lake fun is all about. You won’t catch me kayaking or tubing, but MAYBE I’ll venture to a sandbar and get in. Watch out for the gators at Wylie, no I’m serious.

U.S. National Whitewater Center: Though water works are not my thing ­— Hey, after my near death experience on Lake Norman two years, ago can you blame me? — I’ve heard good things about the Whitewater Center’s festivals and live music events. River Jam happens every Thursday and Saturday from May through September. Apparently, they have good food and craft beer selection — sorry to burst your bubble, but it’s not BYOB. For the more adventurous folks, they also have kayaking, canoeing, canopy tours, races and more! There’s something for everyone here, even nature-averse, bug-spraying me.

Old School Sprinkler Fun at a House Party: Before the summer is over, I am begging my friend with the huge house (flashback to my article on phases of a house party) to have a water-themed party where we create some sort of water park. I’m sure you’ve happened upon the viral videos of waterslide kickball or water slide flip cup. This is an awesome way to stay cool in the summer heat without having to even leave the house. PSA: There’s something called “Slide the City” that is happening in other areas across the country. Literally a 1,000 foot long water slide that spans the length of a city street. I don’t know what’s keeping it from Charlotte (the Website says “coming soon”), but can we petition to make it happen faster? There is one coming up in August in Salisbury, which is just a hop, skip and a jump away.

Art Gallery or Museum Crawl: Don’t get me wrong. I’m not an art snob — I can’t tell you why some paintings sell for thousands of dollars, but I can tell you Charlotte has enough art to go around. From the local murals on hundreds of buildings throughout the city to the Mint Museum to the Harvey B. Gantt Center for African American Arts + Culture. An art crawl could last all day, and you know the A/C will always be on fleek (on point, amazing, great — have you not heard this term yet?) when art is around. Personally Twenty-Two located on Central Ave in Plaza Midwood is one of the coolest art galleries I have been to. For one, some nights they have $1 pints! I will say though, some of the art I’ve seen there may make you just as hot inside as it is outside, so beware!

Indoor Fun and Games: Maybe you’re trying to stay out of the heat completely. Charlotte has plenty of indoor venues that would be fun to check out during the day. Of course, you can always hit up a movie, but I would suggest Dave & Buster’s for arcade games, food and drinks. Want to step it up a notch? I want to check out Victory Lane Indoor Karting Center for indoor go kart racing! Or come with me to play at Exit Strategy where apparently the end goal is to “escape the room” through a series of games. Don’t know if claustrophobia is common but I’ve heard that the experience is awesome.

What’s your “Exit Strategy” for escaping the overwhelming North Carolina summer heat in the Q.C.? I know the possibilities are close to endless. Coming up: I’m going to crash parties at some of Uptown’s favorite apartment complex pools! #poolcrashers

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