Hookah-ing in the hub at Red at 28th




One of my favorite things to do when I lived in Boston, weather-permitting, was to sit on the roof of my friend’s condo complex and enjoy cold beer and hookah. At the heart of hookah is the desire to relax and commune with people whom you find enjoyable. Sounds nice huh? Now, thanks to Red at 28th and Hub Hookah Lounge, Charlotteans have a pretty damn cool place to try it.

Located directly behind Amelie’s in NoDa , thus ever so conveniently to sinfully delicious baked treasures, Red at 28th fits right in to the eclectic vibe of my very favorite Charlotte neighborhood. The space consists of an entrance room with a pool table, the main room (where you will find the bar and majority of seating), a back room primarily for lounging and hookah pleasure, and a giant ass patio off the back of the building. Mark my words, with the arrival of warm weather and the grand opening of their “margarita bar” with approximately one gabillion flavor options, this patio will become the place to be.

Their most popular hookah flavor is the “Blue Mist” ... essentially a blueberry flavored molasses. It’s smooth, sweet, and just a little smoky. The bartender Aaron also tickled my fancy with a signature drink called the sex something or another ... I can’t remember the name because it put me on my face. Two of these resulted in my quoting the caterpillar from Alice in Wonderland and trying to blow smoke rings with the hookah. It got weird. Good job, Aaron.

The overall vibe of Red at 28th is exactly what so many other area places are missing. The crowd was diverse and friendly and being there was as comfortable as hanging out at a childhood friend’s house. They host Salsa nights on Saturdays and Thursday night’s offer live music until 10 and then a DJ. Red at 28th presents everything from jazz to dubstep, which is ingenious considering both the location and the craving that our city constantly has for a mix of something new and different.

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