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From the opening of Vintage Wine Lounge to elbowing Virginia Tech jerseys



Most things start well-intentioned. No one goes into something, i.e., a relationship, a new job, an adventure, thinking, “Hmmm, how can I bloody fuck this up to a point that I feel stupid about it?” This is the story of how a very well-intentioned evening turned into a complete and total whirling dervish of disaster.

ACT ONE: On Friday evening, my dear friend Ashley and I decided to attend the official opening of the new wine bar, Vintage Wine Lounge, Uptown. This seemed like a very grown-up way to enter the weekend. I even wore heels, which I never do when anticipating misbehavior, as this more often than not results in a sprained ankle or skinned knees.

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Things started off well enough. Vintage Wine Lounge cultivated the adult in both of us … for a time. We sipped wine and listened to a very animated acoustic guitar guy sing a variety of classics. The atmosphere was warm and intimate, absolutely perfect for a sexy date night. One problem: Ashley wasn’t my date and we established pretty quickly (post approximately a bottle of wine) that we needed some action. Enter downhill spiral. Aw man.

ACT TWO: The decision was made to seek out aforementioned action — which we rarely find before trouble finds us. The next thing I know, I’m yelling “Tomamos Cigarillos?!” at two people whom I assumed spoke Spanish and elbowing my way through a sea of people in Clemson and VT jerseys at the EpiCentre. I know, gross and disappointing.

What happened you ask? In all honesty, I’m not entirely sure … my best theory is that some people are simply not urbane enough to have an all-out fabulous time sipping wine and eating cheese off of a board. Well, I can do it, but it needs to be accompanied by pajamas and board games. I don’t get dressed up to do it, that’s for sure. If you are a person more cultured than I who enjoys vino and solo ballads, then Vintage Wine Lounge is your new favorite place. It is charming and inviting … but not at all the type of place where you ask to get on the “mic” or make ethnic assumptions and yell poorly pronounced and incorrect Spanish at other patrons, just FYI.

For more information about Vintage Wine Lounge, visit or call 704-332-3273.

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