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Daisy Dooks hosts its grand opening



One of my favorite newly found quotes reads “Among the things that make life worth living for some of us wretched souls is the kind of bad — though not evil — behavior that can be roughly characterized as sin.” This is from the foreword of the intelligent celebration of vice, a literary collection from some of the most experienced sinners, Drinking Smoking & Screwing. The overlying theme of the book is that we all need visceral release from time to time, and indulgence is a need. If you read, which I suspect that you do because you’re reading this, I suggest using your eyeballs to feel it up.

Speaking of exposing your eyeballs to things, Daisy Dooks is the new luxury cruise ship of strip clubs that recently opened near the airport. It’s gone and happened, the mega strip club from the Midwest has arrived in Charlotte. Apparently Iowa knows three things: livestock, corn, and the art of the titty bar. All 2,500 (maximum capacity of over 1,400) square feet is dripping with excess in the best possible way.

Upon entering the front door you will be greeted by a monster 30-foot television, that appears to be asexual and have given birth to smaller (but not small) baby flat screen spawn, which are sprinkled everywhere. There is a dance floor, complete with a disco ball, for girls like me who like to practice their stripper leg and deliberately seductive dance moves in real time while it's fresh.

  • DDooks.com

The furniture is leather and modular, in order to be both sensual and easily rearranged for lap dance convenience. This is the only T&A spot that has beer on tap. Upstairs you will find not one, but two VIP areas where bottle service is provided. In addition, there is a separate sports bar that can be rented out for private parties.

There is a double headed rain shower on the main floor stage for the strippers to wash their armpits after particularly hard pole tricks. I’m kidding, it’s for sexy wet lady kisses.

  • DDooks.com

All in, the space can accommodate over 100 dancers, and on peak nights, you will currently find upwards of 50 lovelies twerking it at a time. In case you haven’t yet done that math, that comes to roughly 100 boobs.

This Friday night, Nov. 11, is the official Grand Opening of Daisy Dooks, and I highly encourage you to live piously until then so that you can fully take advantage of all it has to offer without remorse. They are offering Grey Goose bottle service for $100 for the special unveiling. It’s OK — get your dollar bills out, live a little and swim in the sea of vice, happiness, thongs, massive and redundant TVs, pussy-popping in a handstand, cocktails, and laser light shows that is Daisy Dooks.

For more information, please visit: www.ddooks.com.

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