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I happen to be a lady who is exceptionally light on her feet. So I was excited to discover a place in Charlotte where I can cut a proverbial rug without getting drinks spilled on me, and/or physically accosted on the dance floor. THAT’s what I like … and that is what Lynn’s Dance Club (4819 S. Tryon St.) is all about. This obscure venue looks unassuming but has a lot to offer in the realm of something different. I was shocked at just how pleasantly surprised I was by this bar. It is far removed from the mainstream Charlotte scene, but in a refreshing, vintage and less sticky way.

Lynn’s is rooted in shag culture — nope, not the British slang kind (wink wink). Instead, we’re talking about the S.C. state dance kind. I grew up with my mom embarrassingly demonstrating how to shag at every social and public opportunity, but I had no idea how large of an underground scene it still is. In fact, the Charlotte-based shag club, alone, has more than 300 members of all ages and walks of life. The owner, who has opted to stay anonymous for this post, is a pro-shagger.

Although on this particular Wednesday night, I was younger than the majority of patrons by at least 10 years, I would’ve had a hard time keeping up with them in a dance battle. In fact, I did have a hard time keeping up with them during “The Wobble,” which was played at my request, but adored by all. Don’t allow the loafers and modest heels fool you, so much shake-shaking is going on. Yes, the DJ takes requests in his Tommy Bahama shirt — he’s quite accommodating. The drinks were delicious, and the lovely and kind bartender Jill makes them plenty potent. Specialties are the One Eyed Parrot, a tropical fruity explosion, and the Dirty Monkey, which was reminiscent of a banana and chocolate milkshake. Both are delicious and dangerous and come highly recommended by yours truly.

Next time you are looking for a taste of something new, I suggest giving Lynn’s a spin — pun completely intended. Thursdays offer the biggest crowd, and every other Friday they pay homage to the '70s or '80s with a throwback party. If you are looking to learn how to shag from some of the best, Lynn’s even offers lessons on Monday nights (Tango, Hustle, and other Ballroom as well). Whether it’s date night or you’re just looking for somewhere to take shots and giggle with friends, Lynn’s works.

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