Heard: random drunken statements (October 2011)



The weirdness continues in this, the fourth installment of the “Heard” series. You can check out the first, second and third ones by following those respective links.

This month’s highlights feature mistaken identity, a personal political and commercial conflict, and pegging without the strap on.

Enjoy and remember, keep drinking, keep talking — especially if it is out of your ass — and I’ll keep jotting it down as to give you your 15 minutes of anonymous pseudo-fame.

Girl at Snug Harbor: “There’s the guy who came up from behind me and choked me!”
Guy who choked her: “Yeah, I’m sorry about that, I thought you were someone else — I thought you were my friend.”
Girl: “Your friend who likes to be choked?”
Guy: “Yeah, she’s around here somewhere. She’s cool.”

Same girl as above, at Snug Harbor, maybe an hour later, while humping her friend: “I’m going to put my pussy in his asshole!”
Guy getting humped: “She’s a top.”

Guy at Elizabeth Billiards: (Unintelligible question to bartender about Occupy Charlotte.)
Bartender: “What? Occupy Charlotte? We don’t want their broke asses in here. Although I do agree with them.”

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