Meet the photographer: Justin Driscoll | QC After Dark

Meet the photographer: Justin Driscoll




Camera: Nikon d90

If you catch Justin Driscoll without his Nikon in tow, immediately assume something is wrong and run to help immediately. The 24-year-old graphic designer, marketer and photographer found his love for photography at an early age with the influence of his father who did the craft professionally. Although he's only been shooting for QC After Dark for a few months, the diverse range of photos he's brought to the site is telling. With the style of getting weird angles and in your face photos, Driscoll, the once introverted personality, credits photography for his change in attitude. When you don’t see Driscoll behind the lens of a camera, executing a logo, website or branding ideas — you can find the UNCC alum rocking out with his band Scapegoat.

When is your favorite time to shoot and what type of genre do you enjoy shooting the most?

I always take my camera out with me everywhere so I shoot anything that’s engaging, but since childhood I enjoyed rock 'n' roll concerts, which is why capturing bands and audiences are so fun. I love going to concert spots like The Milestone, Snug Harbor and Tremont, where I know I can get an array of photos. Having posed pictures can become very boring, so I prefer to catch the moment when people don’t realize I am there — that’s the most truthful image.

Scapegoat has gained a national following over the years; what was a big moment for the band?

Scapegoat has always done American touring but after getting signed to an indie label in Japan in 2008, we did an international tour there. Our album sales doubled in Japan than in the U.S., which had been a highlight for our band. We can’t wait to return when things get back in order there from the tsunami.

Aside from you playing with your band, you seem to stay pretty busy with your many different job titles, how do you balance your time between work and play?

I don’t sleep and I drink lots of energy drinks. It does get overwhelming for me at times, but when I have free time I get lost in the wilderness instead of being behind a Mac or guitar. But I love doing all the things I do on a daily basis, like the thrill of playing live music, taking photos and creating art or brand ideas for clients. I couldn’t just pick one.

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— text by Johnathan Cruse/photo by Jasiatic

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