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Meet the photographer: Jeaumane McIntosh



If you've ever wondered who's the guy (or gal) behind the camera when our QC After Dark photographers are out taking your photos, here's your chance to find out. As we continue celebrating QC After Dark's three-year anniversary, we sat down with our folks to find out what inspires them, where they like to shoot, and most importantly, if they love their jobs.


Camera: Nikon D200

As one of QC After Dark’s veteran photographers, it’s all about capturing the “precise moment” for Jeaumane McIntosh. After discovering photography in high school and his parents purchasing him his first interchangeable camera, McIntosh’s new hobby became a short-lived reality — and then his camera was stolen. For seven years McIntosh went without shooting photos until he was able to purchase another camera and fall back in love with the craft. Quickly, a hobby turned into an obsession and a full-time career began. While McIntosh has been doing photography full-time for 15 years, he still enjoys learning new concepts and practices, as he is currently finishing up his bachelor's degree from the Art Institute of Charlotte.

What’s some of your favorite nightlife spots that you enjoy taking photos at the most?

I love spots where people can have fun and party, which all nightlife spots don’t offer. I enjoy going to and taking photos of partygoers at places like Suite, due to the mixed crowd it offers, which adds to the different kinds of photos I can take. Other spots I enjoy are Buckhead Saloon and Bar Charlotte.

Is there a certain artist or photographer’s work that inspires you or wish to emulate your work off of?

Henri Cartier-Bresson is a photographer that inspires me through his concept of capturing precise moments on film. Cartier-Bresson believed that you only have one chance to capture a person’s expression or action on film because it will never happen again. I have adopted this concept for myself.

Has shooting for QCAD make your nightlife experience better?

I don’t wait in lines anymore to get in clubs — most doormen know me as that guy from Creative Loafing. If I didn’t shoot nightlife photos, I probably wouldn’t go out as much, so this gives me a chance to experience new nightlife places.

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— text by Johnathan Cruse/photo by Jasiatic

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