The SUITEst Bachelorette Party: I'll bring the penis-shaped straws


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On Friday night, Sept. 16, I'll be hosting the biggest bachelorette party ever at Suite.

No, I'm not getting married ... but I am a genuine bachelorette. We deserve a celebration too, like, "Congrats for not marrying the wrong guy" or "Good job for not settling!"

So, this is a bachelorette party for everyone — single, engaged, and even married (an anniversary of having girl's night perhaps?).

I'll be giving out free cupcakes from Polka Dot Bakery and bubbly to wash them down.

Free champagne and cupcakes ... are you sold yet? And the largest bachelorette party gets a free VIP table too.

Doors at 9 p.m. See ya there!