The perfect man or fictional character?



I finally found the man of my dreams! The perfect man. My prince charming (and in this case, dorky) .… Dr. Spencer Reid from the A&E show Criminal Minds (played by Matthew Gray Gubler). Too bad he's a fictional character.

When he rattles off nerdy facts dissecting evidence and analyzing psychology as he pulls his loose flowing hair behind his ears, the suspense drama show turns into a romance for me. I go from caring about how the plot unfolds, to wanting to have Dr. Reid’s babies.


The perfect man being a fictional character … sounds about right.

But only because no one is perfect.

In reality, the perfect person is a fairytale. But the perfect person for you — now that is real. You just can’t discredit that person because he’s not perfect and doesn’t check all the things off on your “list.”

Remember what I said about making lists … the longer the list, the shorter your chances of meeting a man. The perfect man, for you.

In order to demand perfection, one must be perfect, and well, like I said, no one is perfect.

Just like I can’t be going around demanding every man be a sexy dork that can fight crime using his brain, and also be an actor on a hit TV show at the same time, you can’t project these Prince Charming fantasies on men and demand they ride around on a white horse. Let’s come back down to reality, ladies.

I may never meet my Dr. Spencer Reid, but it does make me want to go visit my sister in D.C. and hang out in front of the FBI, Behavioral Analysis Unit, offices.

Consider this blog my open love letter to Dr. Spencer Reid, aka Matthew Gray Gubler.