Don’t swing at every ball that comes your way


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I just started playing for a softball team, The Stock Car Steelers.

Our first game was last week, in which I played catcher (Translation: squatted there and flirted with the batters to distract them).

I got up to bat and swung at the very first thing that was thrown at me. I hit it and got a run … and ran into first base so fast I slid into a split. Not on purpose.

It may have been a hit that got me to first base (barely), but it wasn’t a good one.

I ended up getting a run, which made having a pain in my groin worth it. But then my next turn up to bat, I did the same thing … swung at the first ball that came at me. It was way too high, but turned into a strike by settling for it.

I swung again and got a hit that looked like a deliberate bunt, but no, it was just another bad hit. I moved my short little legs as fast as I could and barely made it to first at the mercy of the other team’s sub-par field game.

When I made it back around to home plate and into the dug out, my best friend Jordan asked me why I swing at everything that comes my way. And I of course turned it into a joke and metaphor for dating.

“My first time up to bat and I went from 1st to home plate with one swing … I’m such a whore.”

“You’re not a whore, you just swing at everything that comes your way …”

“Kinda like boys.”

Women should approach dating like they would going up to bat.

Don’t be over zealous and swing at every ball that comes your way. Sit back and wait for the right balls to come to you, in the form of the perfect pitch. You don’t want to hit a bad ball. You won't get very far or you'll just end up striking out.

Unlike in the game of baseball, it’s not about having a good eye, per say. It’s about having good intuition and insight — not settling. Cason-Point: Don’t swing at a ball that throws itself at everyone.

Just keep stepping up to the plate, and the perfect pitch will be thrown your way. Love is patient, after all.


I’ll actually be throwing out the first pitch at the Charlotte Knights game on Aug. 31 … I can guarantee you that no batter should swing at that. I’ll be lucky if I even make it to the plate.