A trending wedding



Speaking of texting and twatting during weddings, last week on Twitter I kept seeing “#vothwedding” trending. My first thought was, that a-hole (Charlotte WSOC sportscaster Bill Voth) didn’t invite me to his wedding. My second thought was, good cause I already have five weddings to attend this summer so that saves me money. And my third was, Is his wedding really trending on Twitter?

Sure enough, it was.

So I asked my tweep, @billvoth, how he got his wedding to be a trending topic.

BILL: Well, it wasn't really anything we did. Mike Solarte (@MikeSolarte), a sports broadcasting colleague of mine, got the ball rolling the morning of the wedding. He figured it would be something we'd enjoy. People then caught onto the hashtag and it kind of took off. It certainly helped that Gretchen and I are both social media dorks, but we weren't all that aware of what was going on. Neither of us did a lot of tweeting that day, which was hard for us. But that wasn’t a day to have the phone attached to the hip.


And I asked his trendy bride, @gretchenvoth: Every little girl dreams of their wedding day. But I imagine you never dreamt that you would be a trending topic on Twitter that day?

GRETCHEN: We never in our wildest dreams imagined we’d have such a talked-about wedding. I think it’s safe to say that making #vothwedding trend locally was one of the most unique gifts our friends and family could have given us.

So even though they didn’t invite me to their wedding, cheers to the #vothwedding.

And even though you won’t see #wedding trending for me anytime soon, you can follow me for fun. 'Cause I’m a twit: @brittneycason.

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