Boyfriends to manfriends



I'm sure I can speak for all the single ladies when I say that we don't want boyfriends. Because we don't want a boy ... we want a man. So why don't they call them manfriends?

Sure, boyfriends can mature into husbands, but we want a man from the get-go in a relationship, without having to marry him. But calling a guy a husband doesn't necessarily make him a man either — it's his actions and integrity that do that.


Women want a real man to protect us — not a little boy we have to raise and take the cookie away from when they've been bad.

A boyfriend is what you have in high school. A manfriend is someone who knows how to treat a lady and make her feel like a woman — not a girl. For example, he's someone who knows how to conduct himself in public with his woman, and understands the difference between being protective and overprotective. A manfriend will provide for a woman however he can, be it help her fix her car so the mechanic doesn't take advantage of her. Or take the car to the mechanic himself. A manfriend is just that a man. And a friend.

And men-friends, we'll be real women, not girls, for you.

Although, anyone who believes in The Bronx Tale's test theory, in which a real woman is one who, after you open her door for her, will reach over and unlock the door for you. Since the invention of automatic locks, we can't exactly pass the test.

Boys 2 Men ... ABC, BBD.