'It make you have baby'



Last week I joined Wealth TV to Jamaica to shoot a documentary on Bob Marley. While at the Bob Marley Museum in Kingston, we visited "The Juice Man." He was Bob's personal holistic healer (or Jamaican witch doctor, if you will) that has some sort of magical potion to cure just about every ailment.

His most popular medicinal concoction: Sperminata.


"It make you have baby!" he exclaimed.

"I'm good thanks, think I'll stick to this Kambucha drink you made for my kidneys," I replied.

"Men shouldn't drink this without a lady queen around," he added.

It's like the holistic form of Viagra. The juice man's concoction of aloe, ginger, roots and spices I can't pronounce, and a secret ingredient will literally increase your sperm count and libido. No wonder Bob had so many children!

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