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My mother met my father 30-plus years ago when dating entailed dinner dates, goodnight phone calls and having her home by 11. Unfortunately, for those of us living in this modern-day idea of romance, the dinner dates are now drinks at the bar, goodnight phone calls are texts and 11 is when the fun begins. Not to mention, who’s got time to date?

Meet my mentor: Brittney Cason, whose career leaves her traveling so much she spends most of her spare time in airports and sleeps in hotel beds more than her own. Sometimes I wonder if she isn't just a professional gypsy. So when does my career-driven boss have time to even consider dating? Exactly … so this is where I step in, and add to my list of duties as the intern.

If you watch any amount of TV you’ll see your fair share of online dating commercials. Not only do these success stories pack the “true love conquers all” mentality, they do it with good-looking couples. I’m sold. So, working undercover I got busy and signed my hectic boss up on


I’m a rookie at the online dating, but I thought: how hard could it be? Apparently, not that easy. When doing the initial set-up, I gave generic answers and didn't upload a photo to keep it anonymous (and to cover my ass in case she gets mad). When I clicked “Send for Approval,” I didn’t expect the response I later received in e-mail form:

“Thank you for submitting your profile on Unfortunately, we are unable to approve it at this time, because part of your profile text was unintelligible or repetitious.”

Hold up, I’m not so sure I like your tone.

So I spent an hour editing her profile to adhere to their standards. I hope the guys on here aren't as high-maintenance as the site itself.

The questions are somewhat challenging; for example: Tell us about your favorite music, TV shows, food, etc. etc. ... in no more than 250 characters.

Yes, that says characters, not words. So, let me get this straight you want people to describe themselves in 250 letters? Who are you kidding?

But 250 characters later, I’m now the self-proclaimed matchmaker in Brittney’s life. That is, unless she kills me. Because this is the first she’s hearing about it. Stay tuned to see how the Brittney Cason online dating saga plays out … or if I still have a job.

Jordan Bullington


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