Styleascope: Cancer



Cancer (June 21-July 21)

Styleascope is a lighthearted horoscope that puts a spotlight on local fashion. Believe it or not, Zodiac signs say a lot about a person. They speak to an individual's strengths, weaknesses, romantic attractions, values, desires and ... fashion sense? Yep! The stars can serve as a personal stylist, too. No sign is alike, so your wardrobes shouldn't be either. My aim is to blend fashion and the cosmos by providing a guide to show you what's in store at local boutiques (and why your sign is telling you to wear it). Instead of the runway, I'll use the stars as my guide. So, what's your sign?

Name: Amy Ingraham
Birthday: July 14
Age: 23
Do you read your horoscope? “I don’t go out of my way to read it ... My mom had my whole star chart made for me by an astrologist when I was a baby but none of the 'life events' have ever come true. I guess if it's written in the stars, I’ll rewrite it."

  • Jackie Rodney

The Cancer is definitely a feeler — possessing impressive intuition and strong emotions. Known for their big hearts, compassion and sensitive nature, Cancerians are also often prone to having mood swings.The crab can wake up introverted and shy yet by the end of the day, could be the life of the party. Fashionably, Cancers are known to literally wear their hearts on their sleeve. Thus, Cancerian fashion is forever changing. But more often than usual, the loyal Cancer will stick to their traditional style. In correlation with their traits, women Cancerians are drawn to feminine silhouettes with lots of soft detail. They also tend to stick to soft colors like silver, pearl white, cream and pastels. Because of their sentimental nature, they favor clothes that tell a story. If an article or accessory is vintage or handmade, it’s all the better in a Cancer’s eyes. Silver is the Cancer's metal, whereas pearls are their sunstones.

All pieces found at Lotus, 1111 Metropolitan Ave Suite 140

Blouse: $76
Shorts: $78
Shoes: $66
Earrings: $38
Bracelets: $46