Photo shoot: Men In COLOR!



Summer is in full gear, and while we agonize over (or take inspiration from, you choose) the latest Men In Black film in local theaters, we present to you, Men In Color. Those with both X and Y chromosomes, take note, as there are appropriate ways to add a little zing into your wardrobe outside of the black, blue and beige.


Army fatigue hat: Stylist's own.
All wardrobe: Social Status.
Sneakers, Model's own.


Straw hat: Stylist's own.
Bracelet: Model's own.
Wardrobe, Eyewear, Whistle Necklaces: Social Status.


Trucker hat: Stylist's own.
Bracelet & shoes, Model's own.
Wardrobe, Necklace, Bag: Social Status.


Bowtie, cardigan, plaid button-up: Stylist's own.
Shoes, Model's own.
T-Shirt, Benjamin Bear.
White Jacket/Jeans, Eyewear, Bag: Social Status.


(model1) Trucker hat: Stylist's own.
Bracelet & shoes: Model's own.
Wardrobe, Necklace, Social Status.
(model2) Bowtie, cardigan, plaid button-up: Stylist's own.
Shoes: Model's own.
T-Shirt: Benjamin Bear.
Jeans, Eyewear: Social Status.

Models: Spencer Green, Justin Spearman
Social Status is located at 1519 Central Ave.
The Benjamin Bear is located at 1820 South Blvd. Suite 108.
Photographer: Michelle "Meesh" Flowers (
Wardrobe Stylists: dupp&swat

All images styled by dupp&swat. Created in May 2010 by siblings Dion "dupp" Galloway and Davita "swatty" Galloway, dupp&swat is an all-inclusive agency, specializing in wardrobe-styling, costuming, fashion show production and event planning.

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