Cocktails and your closet



Half of the fun of going out for dinner and drinks is dressing up, am I right ladies? I decided to translate some of my favorite spots into outfits to match the vibe and décor of the place, so you can slip in seamlessly. Caution, these outfits just might have you "spillin while you sippin."

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Osso Restaurant & Lounge: Known to everyone from here on out as the place where Emily and Ryan from The Bachelorette had their first date. Aside from that, Osso has a luxe vibe that warrants a glass of wine to accompany the sophisticated Italian menu. You'll feel as classy as your Chianti in a draped dress and snakeskin clutch. The best accessory is obviously the glass in your hand though, daahling.


Enso Asian Bistro: The EpiCentre location means you'll see and be seen when dining at this Asian-inspired restaurant. The drinks should be as strong as your sex appeal in a fitted floral dress as you dine on handcrafted sushi.


Soul Gastrolounge: With a name like Soul, you gotta put a little heart and soul into your outfit. Exotic, bright and unique just like the menu. That translates into a patterned one-shouldered dress, indulging just a bit of the unexpected.


Suite: Choose a strappy back as you're on the prowl for strapping young men at this nightclub/lounge hotspot frequented by the Bank of America type. Sleek and sophisticated, so you can score drinks all night.

Mez: Trendy food warrants a trendy outfit. Cutouts on the sides of this dress mean your date won't be cutting out early, so you can head on over to the lounge as the night proceeds. Keep it short and sweet, just like the name of the restaurant, with no fussy accessories - only a simple pair of strappy sandals.

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