Item of the Week: Gourd Jewelry



Who knew the secret ingredient to gorgeous jewelry would be right in your coffee canister or local produce section?

Local artists Nancy Hernandez, Maria Del Pilar and Maria all work together to create line of gourd jewelry. They takes the skin from a gourd and naturally dehydrate it. Afterward, they use vegetable dyes to paint it and garnish the finished product with a protective glaze. One necklace in particular is made from dozens of melon seeds, each painted different colors and then strung in layers that produces a rainbow-like effect. The line is exclusive to Pura Vida Worldly Art.

Teresa Hernandez, the shop’s owner, says, “It’s amazing that people can look at everything and see what they can create with it. Things that we normally throw away can be saved and made into something beautiful.”

Each piece can take up to several hours to create, but is normally completed in batches to keep up with demands. Earrings run at about $20 and necklace/earring sets range from $30-$36. Pura Vida Worldly Art is located at 3202-A N. Davidson St.

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