Charlotte Seen Fashion Week: Sept. 24



As the previous nights, the Saturday event at Charlotte Seen Fashion Week got off to a late start ... very late There were a lot of people there looking around, wondering when this show was going to start. It did not start until almost 9 p.m., which is craziness considering that the VIP hour was from 6 p.m. - 7 p.m. That is a long time of just sitting.

Once again and for the final time the bodyguards hit the stage for the judges to make their grand entrance. After the judges made their entrance, Rita Miles took the runway in an over the top gown to welcome us to the show.

The first designer's collection to take the runway was Flow by Tara Davis, full of dresses with great structure and designed for the shape of a woman's body. The colors palette ranged from autumn tones to happy spring pastels that belong in every wardrobe. The Flow by Tara Davis collection continues to stay on top of current fashion trends, fabrics, and silhouettes, providing dresses that continue to flow, move and bounce.

Next up was Flight by Amanda Wagner. This monochromatic collection was full of strong lines and unexpected pieces. A modern reinvention of retro silhouettes, she explores elements of line, color, and nature.

The final collection to show before The Miles of Impact Show was Luis Machicao, and I knew this collection was going to be something special when a man comes out on a short leash to a very well dressed woman. Always a good sign. Every piece from this collection was bold with metallic, mixed prints, and bright whites. My favorite collection of the evening by far. Bravo! Bravo! If you need inspiration on how to mix metallic pieces into your wardrobe, take hints from this collection.

Finally the Miles of Impact Show began, which was suppose to be the highlight of the evening but instead was much more of fizzle. The front row seats began to empty out. The multimedia couldn't match up to the local personalities walking the runway. And as people saw their friends and co-workers walk, they left. And to be honest, I was bored with seeing clothing that I can just pick up and purchase at SouthPark.

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