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Sorry to disappoint you, but when we say Margaritas, we're not talking about the punchy alcoholic drink made from tequila.

Now that summer is on the horizon, I'm thinking more and more about the gym and working out. Surely, the people who are running up and down my street in the evenings are doing their part to make me feel like I need to get back into a workout routine. But a greater motivator is discovering this line of activewear, Margarita Activewear. Produced in Israel, this line offers some of the most fashionable workout clothes I've seen.


Once upon a time, I'd have told you to find these colorful goodies at Asana Activewear, a fitness apparel shop at the Morrison Shopping Center. But in February, owner Gary Schwake announced the shop was closing. Luckily, a couple of weeks ago, good news dropped for fitness fashionistas who adore the Charlotte brand: acquired the assets of Asana Activewear, keeping Asana alive.

“We are delighted with the acquisition”, said Gary Schwake in a press release. “This will allow our customers to buy the greatest activewear brands and Yoga clothing from a local Charlotte company with a strong focus on customer service. Moreover sells activewear brands that our clientele is already familiar with, such as Margarita Activewear, ION Actif, MPG and many more.”

Shop to find the most fashionable, colorful workout clothes — if you're like me, you'll want to definitely get in the gym to show off your digs. See? Fashion does equal fitness. (Bonus: Use the coupon code GoActivewearUSA for free domestic shipping through May 20.)

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