Verizon getting iPhone will better MY service (I hope)



Certainly, you've heard by now that Verizon is finally getting the iPhone next month. (Yeah, I would have blogged about it yesterday, but I was trapped at home because of the snow and ice. Also, who really wants to work on a "snow day"?)

As a devoted iPhone user/AT&T customer, how do I feel about this? Well, I'm pretty excited. But not because I plan to make the switch to Verizon.

I know people have complained about AT&T's bad cell phone service since the beginning of iPhone time. But let's consider the sheer number of iPhone users tying up AT&T's network. If, say, 25 percent of them jump the gun (and pay that outrageous fee to break their contract) and switch to Verizon, that's more space for the rest of us to do our data business. In other words, a major win for tthose who will stay with AT&T.

So, current iPhone users, what do you need to do? Convince every friend, foe, and family member who loves the iPhone or wants one to GO WITH VERIZON next month. This way, we can clear out the clutter that is our network.

(Important side note that I don't want to mention but will anyway: Current iPhone users, you can't take your phone and simply switch carriers. You've got to buy a brand-new iPhone WITH Verizon, if you want to use their service.)


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