Meet Joey Hewell, stylist/boutique owner



With the finale of Charlotte Fashion Week proving that Charlotte does have indeed a local fashion industry, I thought it was appropriate to interview a local Charlottean who has a lot to do and say about fashion, style and more.


Joey Hewell is a great asset to Charlotte’s local style scene as a man of many talents. Aside from owning J Studio, he also does makeup and styling, appears on the Fox News segment “Fashion Friday” and is starting a consulting boutique as a part of his current business at the salon. Read on to see what Hewell has to say about his love of fashion and the growing emphasis on fashion taking place in Charlotte.

Creative Loafing: How did you start off in the industry?

Joey Hewel: I actually started doing some modeling and signed with a few agencies, one of which was my mother agency in Charlotte. It was then when I realized that at every photo shoot, fashion show, etc., I was the one helping with the hair and the makeup, and that’s when I decided that I wanted to be behind the scenes helping with the styling instead of in front of the camera.

Tell me about your new boutique and the clothes featured at this year’s Fashion Night Out.

The clothes I design and that were featured are vintage pieces that I modify and tweak for the everyday woman. The goal for the boutique is not to come in to the salon and buy a jumper off of a rack. Instead, it’s meant for clients who want to have a one-on-one consulting experience when clients are able to come to me with their tastes and style aspirations and I am able to consult them and help with wardrobe styling.

What is your style philosophy?

I believe it is so important for people to genuinely be themselves and express that through their style. What you wear, how you style your hair and so on is what reflects your attitude on life. When I see that someone has his or her own style (whether I like it or not) … that, to me, is everything. Fashion isn’t just a statement that says, “Look at me!” It’s a reflection of who you are.

What do you feel Charlotte needs to become more fashionable?

Charlotte needs more confidence. As Fashion’s Night Out showed, we have a ton of creative people in Charlotte, including boutique owners, hair and makeup stylists, etc., who are pushing the boundaries and trying to create a name for Charlotte. The city needs everyday Charlotteans to be more confident in expressing themselves through fashion.

Keep your eyes on Hewell and his projects for we may just see him at Charlotte Fashion Week 2011.

Visit: J Studio at or call Joey 704-330-5757.