Get a hole at Revolution's piercing spa



The owners of Revolution already have a great thing going for them that sets them apart from their competitors — they're one of the very few retailers in Uptown, and one of two clothing shops in the EpiCentre (the other is Belle Ville).

But have you heard about their piercing spa, located in the "Confession" area? (Incidentally, I just don't feel like the words "piercing" and "spa" go together, but I'm scared of needles so maybe you should just ignore me.)


So, what's the appeal in having a piercing spa in the EpiCentre? Well, I suppose if you feel like your clubbing outfit won't be complete without a belly button piercing, you could stop by Revolution and get a quick hole, grab dinner at Enso and by the time you're in line for Suite, the blood will be dried up.

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