Gift Guide: For the last minute-shoppers, go to Paper Skyscraper



I love Paper Skyscraper. Sure, during the holidays, it's crowded as a mofo in there and I'm scared to death I'm going to knock over a display, but that's just evidence that this is a great place to pick up last-minute gifts. This is their 20th year doing Christmas, so I think they've got a good handle on the holiday. Here are five random gifts that you can pick up from this East Boulevard gift store.

• The Screaming Flying Monkey. There I was, minding my own business walking toward the register when a stuffed animal flew across my path. Yes, it was the Screaming Flying Monkey — not screaming, though. This is a great gift for a kid. If they can maneuver a slingshot without poking their eye out, they'll be good with this.

• Chain wine bottle holder. Manly, yes? The picture says it all.


• Picture frame made using recycled magazines. Love lots of colors and it's environmentally friendly.

• Obama action figures. Never fear, Obama action figure to the rescue! They've also got two Michelle Obama action figures, in two different outfits. Because she's a fashionista, didn't ya know.


• Sushi sets. These exquisite-looking sushi sets come in all kinds of colors. Pretty!

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