Halloween costume idea: Balloon boy (updated)



People are predicting that the Balloon Boy will be one of the top Halloween costumes this year. Do you think so?


(photo via Buzzfeed.com)

But how does one go about making a Balloon Boy costume? Well, off the top of my head, I'm thinking aluminum foil and lots of it.

OK, seriously, if I were planning on sporting this costume, I'd probably wear a cardboard box around my waist with a silver sheet draped around it. And of course a nametag that reads Falcon.

UPDATED 10/23/09:

It seems now you can actually buy a Halloween Boy Kit for only $19.99 via Microflight.com.


What's Included:

One 38" Diameter Silver Helium Balloon Envelope, One Laser Cut gondola - tapes together in 2 minutes, 2 Stickers - "Hello, My Name is sticker, As Seen on CNN Sticker, 10 foot string. Everything you need except helium gas and cardboard box.

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