Denimpulse Purchases: Finding the perfect fit



I invite you to dive into one of the most complex enigmas of fashion: denim that fits well. For some, finding the perfect pair of jeans can be a never-ending search. Meet your local denim experts: Cheryl Little (owner of Black & Blue), Paige McManus (owner of Denim Affair), and Christy Ward (manager of Black & Blue). After asking the experts, here are some answers that may help ease the denim dilemma:

Size 29 versus size 8: is there a difference?

“It’s basically the same,” says Ward. “Generally, an 8 equates to a 29,” and so on, says McManus, who adds that “if it’s a dark denim, some may go up a size because the treatment done to the denim can shrink the fibers.”

Boot cut, straight leg, flare, wide leg, or skinny: which style best suits which body type?

The experts agree: boot cut and straight leg jeans are universal, especially when styled well. “Straight leg with heels looks good with most body types,” says McManus. “If you have short legs, stay away from wide legs or flares because it makes you look shorter,” McManus advises. “Wear age-appropriate jeans,” says Little. “If you’re 51, you’re probably not going to pull off a skinny.” For those with curvy hips, McManus recommends to “avoid a skinny jean unless you’re going to tuck the jeans into boots and wear a long top.”

High rise, mid rise, low rise, or super low rise: how low should you go?

“Accentuate your good features” when selecting a rise," says Ward. “High rise jeans can highlight problem areas,” says Little. “There is only one body type that should wear a high rise: tall and lean,” says McManus, recommending that “most people look good in a mid rise.” For those with long torsos, “a low rise will look really low,” says McManus, who advises people with such body types to “stick with a mid rise.”

Ready to make that denimpulse purchase? Check out these denim boutiques and find your perfect fit:

Black & Blue

720 Governor Morrison Street Suite E-180

Denim Affair

9848 Rea Road

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