The dangers of skinny jeans



I can't stand skinny jeans ... for me, I mean. I like to feel like I can breathe in my clothing. And it's much too hot outside to feel like I have another layer of skin on my body. I'm just saying.

I'm not knocking them for other folks, though. Skinny jeans can be stylish, accentuate curves and draw attention where you want them to. As a commentator on this Today show video clip states, they are the antithesis to mom jeans.

But it just wouldn't be right of me if I didn't bring to you skinny jean proponents' attention the potential health problems you can face wearing such tight denim: nerve damage, GI issues, bladder infections yeast infections and even blood clots in the legs.

Don't believe me? Hear the words straight out of the mouth of Dr. Keith Siller on the Today show clip here.

Not one for pain or discomfort, I'll just stick with my wide-legs, thanks.

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