Drink This: Tess’s Summer Sip



Found: IOS Greek Kitchen (210 E. Trade St. Suite B-1312)
Ingredients: OMB Southside Weiss, fresh lemonade, Saranac ginger beer

More often than not, it only takes a few simple, quality ingredients to concoct a superb beverage. And so is the case with this seasonal refreshment. In the midst of a steaming hot summer, beer and lemonade are two quintessential sips that just never seem to lose their charm. Together, they’re practically unstoppable.

Tess’s Summer Sip is a classic shandy that’s crafted with a local Hefeweizen-style brew from Olde Meck Brewery and made-from-scratch lemonade, with a little something extra courtesy of a tart, effervescent ginger beer.

So, who’s the special lady? “Tess is one of our bartenders,” says general manager Bobby Lafferty. “We take whatever we can get from our employees as far as fresh ideas. Tess decided she wanted to run with a shandy. I thought it was an awesome idea. She knew the guys at OMB and decided to go with that and lemonade and then we decided to throw in the ginger beer and it’s kind of just really taken off for us.”
Between its al fresco-worthy space and its thirst-quenching sips, IOS has carved out a little slice of the EpiCentre to figuratively high-five summer with cocktails and sunshine and all things that make this season sweet.