Creative Loafing gets its own sushi roll



First, we had our own beer at Birdsong. Then JJ's Red Hots gave us a hot dog. Now, Creative Loafing is making its mark on the sushi world. We're taking over, guys.

Join us at AZN Azian Cuisine in Piedmont Town Center tonight as we celebrate the launch of our very own roll. If you haven't eaten lunch yet, you may want to stop reading. This roll features spicy tuna, cream cheese, cucumber & tempura shrimp rolled inside, topped with salmon, kabayaki sauce and rice crispy pearls.


If you haven't been to AZN yet — which was awarded Best New Restaurant last year by our critics — tonight's as good a night as any. There will be $5 drink specials.

Thursday, Aug. 14
5-7 p.m.
AZN Cuizine Charlotte
4620 Piedmont Row Drive

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