Lenny Boy is brewing more than kombucha in South End



Lenny Boy is well known in the area for its kombucha, a non-alcoholic fermented tea. Since its opening in 2011, the brand has expanded distribution to five different states and has become the only certified organic kombucha producer in the Southeast. Late last year, the owners took their production a step further by obtaining a microbrewery license, becoming the only certified organic microbrewery in North Carolina.

Now, in order to increase their beer brewing capacity, they are expanding their brewing space (as well as their taproom) and introducing a 3.5-barrel brewing system. Each barrel of beer is roughly 31 gallons, so this will allow them to produce more than a hundred gallons of beer with each brew.

While no official date is available for the completion of the expansion, you can continue to enjoy Lenny Boy's products both in the taproom and at various bars around town. Keep an eye on Lenny Boy's website and Facebook for updates.


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