Now hiring: A fantastic food blogger | Eat My Charlotte

Now hiring: A fantastic food blogger




Creative Loafing has an immediate opening for a blogger to contribute to Eat My Charlotte. We're looking for a local, deadline-capable writer who has a thorough understanding of the Queen City's food scene and can report on it with clarity and conciseness, insight and voice. Lots of voice.

There are tons of food blogs out there on the Internet - Eat My Charlotte aims to set itself apart by focusing on all that the local food scene has to offer yet doing so in a snarky, fun and critical way. Our blogger will be responsible for sharing local dining news and information on upcoming foodie events, as well as analyzing Charlotte's food culture. He or she must post one to three times a week.

We want to not only be involved in daily conversations about Charlotte on the Web - we want to be at the forefront of those conversations.

This is definitely not a full-time position, nor are we offering a competitive pay. What we are offering, however, is the opportunity to write for the coolest media outlet in the city. We're also offering a little fame.

Interested and qualified applicants should submit a cover letter, resume, and three sample blog posts to: [email protected].

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