Playing with food: Rachel Martin makes edible art



  • Photo by Rachel Martin

Clearly, Rachel Martin likes to play with her food. I recently caught this local designer making edible art with her CSA on Instagram. Isn't it beautiful?

Martin, principal at Rachel Martin Design, decided to start a creative series that incorporated her love of local food and design. In it, she uses the contents of her weekly CSA to create images using food-related words. Recent images include words like "fresh", "chow" and "savory".

"People always ask what's in my CSA," says Martin. "So I decided to show them while also making a play on food typography."

CSA stands for community supported agriculture. It's a weekly share of produce, usually from a local farm or co-op, that serves as a wonderful alternative or supplement to the traditional grocery store. Martin sources her CSA from Know Your Farms, a multi-farm cooperative in town. Besides a break from her busy day job, Martin hopes to raise awareness about local food options.

"I want to help people understand that CSAs offer really good, fresh food," says Martin.

To view more of Martin's edible art series, head on over to her Instagram feed @rachellmartin and feed your appetite for design.

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