Featured Cocktail: Wild Berry Mojito



Found: 5Church (corner of 5th and Church streets)
Ingredients: Bacardi Limón, Chambord, fresh muddled raspberries and blackberries, mint, lemon and house-made simple syrup

Since its opening just over a year ago, 5Church has wooed locals and out-of-town celebs alike with a well-curated menu prepared by Chef Jamie Lynch. But it's more than just the wasabi-crusted salmon and renowned lamb burger that brings diners back for more. The buzzing bar entices with small plates and the promise of elbow-rubbing with the who's who of Charlotte and beyond. Thus, the cocktail is key.

5Church manager and head mixologist Mark Childers says he "likes to take a newer look at older cocktails." Describing himself as a classic traditionalist, Childers creates old-school cocktails with a modern twist. For instance, "The Wild Berry Mojito is a spin on the traditional mojito," he says. "It just takes it to the next level. For the summer months coming up, there's nothing better than a fruity mojito ... combining the freshness of the mint with the fresh fruit makes for an amazing dance on the palate."

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