Featured Cocktail: Austin Strawberry



Found: Bistro La Bon (1322 Central Ave.)
Ingredients: Tito's vodka, Lillet Rouge, lavender simple syrup, muddled strawberry

Keeping it seasonal is the general ideology behind the craftsmanship of cuisine and cocktails at Bistro La Bon. If a particular fruit isn't available at the farmers market, the bar will whip up a cocktail with what ingredients are available. "If you can't find good strawberries, then you can't have a good strawberry drink," Chef Majid Amoorpour says. Luckily for us, markets are overflowing with berries come the warmer months, and Bistro is seeking them out for its most current featured drink, the Austin Strawberry.
"We definitely wanted to do something that was very much spring, to remind people to come out and enjoy the different side of cocktails again. Fresh fruits and flowers and all that. We've incorporated both into this drink with the fresh strawberries and the lavender," Amoorpour says. Like the cocktail list, the dishes at Bistro La Bon are also ever-evolving, relying on the goods of the season. Amoorpour recommends pairing the Austin Strawberry with the crispy avocado and asparagus appetizer. "The sweet and the spicy play off of each other really well."

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