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A smörgåsbord of sweets from one event provider, Amelies French Bakery
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  • A smörgåsbord of sweets from one event provider, Amelie's French Bakery

Scientists may have pretty much debunked the "sugar high" theory, but as anyone who's ever been around a bunch of kids hopped up on colorful confections can attest, anecdotal evidence suggests otherwise. Nary a grown-up can escape the siren song of his or her own sweet tooth, and the Q.C. is home to quite the creative cluster of drool-inducing insulin-uppers. Personally I've never been too crazy for candy, but show me, say, a perfectly executed puff pastry and I will show you the deed to my first-born child (I kid, I kid. Mostly.)

So when I heard about Sugar Rush, the "candy-coated competition" presented by Nfocus Magazine, I immediately felt the familiar pull of the old sweet tooth once again. It's not a cavity either. I checked.

Sugar Rush brings together the crème de la crème of Charlotte's bakeries to compete for the title of Queen City Sweetheart. Your ticket makes you privy to an unlimited sampling of what the 14 participants have to offer, as well as all the specialty coffee and wine you care to taste. That's legit unlimited sampling, not the shenanigans you pull at the grocery store. You can even indulge your Top Chef fantasies (oh, you know you have them) and vote for the best dessert in Charlotte. Proceeds from the event benefit the NC Dance Theatre. Sweet, huh?


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