Bites and a Bit of Moonshine: a match made in heaven!



Whoever thought of pairing moonshine — you know, the illegal stuff that recently became legal — with small plates? Well, that would be the folks behind Halcyon, Flavors of the Earth's upcoming patio event, Bites and a Bit of Moonshine on Oct. 20.

Bites and a Bit of Moonshine will commence at 6 p.m. and is an event featuring three specialty cocktails from mixologist Maggie Ruppert and five seasonal small plates from Executive Chef Marc Jacksina. So, while you’re swaying to the vibes of your “happy place,” you can enjoy the patio view and sip on a good selection of liquid heaven.

Just one of the cocktails being featured is called the “Shanghai Speakeasy” and it sounds like it packs a real kick in the Chiclets. It involves something called Catdaddy Moonshine, Oolong Tea, Saffron, North Carolina Honey and some Tamarind. Who knew what I have in my cabinet could shape shift into a delicious cocktail?


If you’re not big on the booze, come for the eats because they’re putting out a nice spread of small plates. Just one of them involves local pork belly and N.C. sweet potato hash. Yum.

Since nothing seems to missing from this festivity, there’s also going to be live bluegrass music from Jin Garrett and the Popcorn Slippers. Damn, even the band sounds yummy!

Halcyon is located at 500 S. Tryon St., right inside the Mint Museum. You can also visit their website for more menu details. Cocktails are all $11 and small plates will run you between $11-$15.

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