Moe's Buffalo Chicken Burrito



Moe's Southwest Grill stopped by the Creative Loafing office the other day to drop off some of their new Buffalo Chicken Burritos.

The burrito is filled with rice, black beans, grilled chicken, cheese, pico de gallo and lettuce, which is then covered in Moe's Texas Pete spicy buffalo sauce before getting rolled up.

I ate the entire burrito without even feeling a spicy tingle. Compared to the Spicy Chicken Sandwich at Chick-Fil-A, this has extremely mild heat. So for those of you who steer clear of spice, you actually might do ok with this one.


The Buffalo Chicken Burrito, along with other buffalo chicken items (quesadillas and nachos) will be in Moe's stores from now until Oct. 17.

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